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Our Services

Core Value Focused Interview Training

Our interview training is built for organizations that are . . . 

  • Tired of relying on gut feeling when making expensive hiring decisions

  • Driven by their core values, or would like to be

  • Committed to minimizing bias in their hiring processes

  • Wanting to have a simple, repeatable process that is easy to learn and use for hiring employees at all stages of their career journey, from C-Suite to interns

  • Wanting to foster a more diverse workplace

Taking place either virtually or at your location, we focus on teaching you a more equitable way to interview and hire with a focus on your core values, from phone screen through to references. We'll give you the tools to remove biased decision making from your process.

Diversifying Your Pipeline

Organizations with diverse workforces are . . . 

  • More innovative

  • More profitable

  • Leaders in employee loyalty and workplace satisfaction

We work closely with your hiring team as we use an equity lens to assess the strengths and potential areas of improvement in your sourcing & pre-interview process as they relate to fostering a hiring pipeline that produces a more diverse workforce. 

We then put a a comprehensive, solution-based report in your hands that gives you practical and actionable steps for how you will increase the diversity and talent of candidates in your pipeline. 

Other Consultation Services
Solutions For All Your Equitable Hiring 

Additional consultation services we offer include:

  • Role-specific recruitment planning to increase the diversity of your applicant pipeline

  • Partnership on executive-level hiring interviews

  • Job post equity assessment

  • Job description equity assessment

  • Interview evaluation equity assessment

  • Exit interview assessment and coaching

We are here to help you address hiring challenges, no matter how big or small. If your challenges aren't addressed above, we have a deep list of incredible people and organizations to refer you to who can help you achieve your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion goals. 

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